helping the ice addict at a train station –

Helping the ice addict at the train station

So I used to be a smoker and don’t smoke anymore except during times of greater stress. Yesterday I had a car accident and the car had to be written off. I was the only one involved and was not physically injured. I decided a few cigarettes yes under the circumstances would be ok.

So I was outside of Southern Cross Station in Melbourne smoking. A young guy came up to me. He was sort of shaking and talking really fast. He could have been on acids
or ice or both perhaps. He asked for a cigarette and tried to offer me what little money he had and showed me all he had was butts.

I gave him a cigarette and looked at him shaking and then said here have the last one too. I felt bad not knowing what to do. I opened my wallet. He hasn’t even asked for money. I had about ten dollars in coins and said here have this. I then donated $5 to a nearby organised charity as I do believe in organised charity, organised religion (Christianity) and unions.

He said you must be wealthy to do this. I said actually no I was a lawyer and I was made redundant. I am poor myself and you mention you have debts to banks. I said I too have debts to banks that is how I financed myself writing my book for the last five months.

He asked me a few legal questions. I gave him some general free legal advice.

Then he asked what are you writing on. I said friendship. He said what’s the book called? I said FINDING TRUE FRIENDS and the subtitle is for Friendship to work you have to really want IN. He said how much and I said only $3 with 2% of profits to aid for Africa.

I guess the point of the story is don’t make assumptions. You don’t have to be rich to be generous and don’t look down on him because he is clearly drug affected. I see it as a health issue not a criminal one.

I thought to myself if I was a successful published author post 1 august I could do so much more for people like him. I hope I made his day a bit better.

Nick Founder

6 thoughts on “helping the ice addict at a train station –

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  2. booguloo

    Your generosity should be returned to you 10 fold depending on your heart at the time. Doing good things can be addictive as drugs. Glad there was no injuries in your crash.


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