Launching your first book 

well the time is getting near now. Who on here is an author and became successful from both selling books and associated employment or consulting work opportunities arising from becoming a published author?

I should be excited but I am terrified. I’m told that with an engaged audience with a good product and at a reasonable price you can expect 30 to 35% of followers to become buyers. What is the experience of other authors on here. 

If I were to add up all followings from Twitter Instagram Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn and so on it would total 25k over a bit over six months. I grew these followings the slow way. Using hash tags primarily and retweets and reposts. I used no computer generated auto follow programs. I have made some close connections through this and have many people promoting me now. 

The ducks seem to be aligning yet I have nightmares of launching and going on Amazon and getting zero sales even after doing things like posting on every persons timeline that is a Facebook friend. Publicly posting on all Instagram followers public posts that the book is out (when if is). 

I almost feel like I need to be sedated or something on launch day. 

Are there feelings normal. There are a million books on Amazon and most fail miserably …

2 thoughts on “Launching your first book 

  1. Mary Sage Nguyen

    If you want to succeed (make income) as an author, you have to write a good amount of books. This way if one book doesn’t make it, your other books may. If you love writing! You will write regardless of sales. Best of luck! 😀


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