A fans view of true friendship places in my book FINDING TRUE FRIENDS out August 1

A fan of mine, Alessandra Cristina de Souza, in discussions with me said in their view the friends they keep as true friends are friends that are trustworthy, supportive, comprehensive, caring, helpful, respect boundaries and the others limitations, interact with friends on a daily basis and understand who you are.
She stated that real friends should treat others in a respectful way, always understanding how far they can go, while dealing with personal beliefs and opinions. They should respect the particularities that each one involved carries from their background. And that those matters affect directly the pacing of a healthy friendship. Based on that, friends might try to their best to reach an agreement about their different insights, avoiding some probable polemic subjects, doing the best they can do to keep their friendship, no matter what.
She declared that friends that show how trustworthy and supportive they are from the first moment, contribute to a high level of commitment from both sides, creating strong bonds for life. In her opinion, these types of friends show how reliable they are and this turns to be one of the most important points in a friendship. Maybe its core.
She told me that friends might engage themselves in the relations they share, keeping contact and never refusing to help each other, in spite of hard circumstances. They should give the best they possess to make others feel confident and sure about their decisions and secrets revealed. It ensures that genuine friends, should find always a safe territory in their friendship; a safety net to help them improve their capacity to interact with freedom and to be who they really are, with no prejudice, judgment or any other harmful actions.
She agreed that a real friendship is based in trust, whereas those she did not maintain a friendship with tended to end because those friends were unreliable, unattached, distant, unemotional or not committed enough to it.
She claimed that unreliable friends break the alliance they share by telling others important information, being indiscreet and breaking the trust code set previously. They can do it by placing mean comments or even displaying private pictures and videos through the social media, without permission.
She affirmed that unattached, distant or unemotional friends simply don´t seem to care enough about the friendship shared, always falling back to lame excuses to reassure their self-centered way in dealing with it. Those kinds of friends seem to be selfish and only trying to satisfy themselves all the way, never caring about the other part. They create their own rules and act on their behalf, not getting involved and always avoiding a deep exchange of information or feelings. They are distant and cold most of the time.
She concluded that real friends are deeply connected. The connection that they share is unbreakable. It is a strong bond that keeps them together through many tough times and situations. Even though it is difficult to find and hard to maintain, because there are fallible human beings involved. However she believes that genuine friends truly exist.

Nick Founder


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