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FINDING TRUE FRIENDS: for Friendship to work you have to really want IN

Is Paying for Book Promotion Worth it?

Andrew Updegrove: Tales of Adversego logo 75One of the more difficult issues the author of a self-published book faces is whether to pay others to help promote their book. Broadly speaking, such services fall into three categories: creating sales materials (postcards, posters, press releases), reaching out to influencers (reviewers, bloggers and interviewers) and direct selling (via mailings, social media and advertising). Most print on demand (POD) publishers offer at least the first, some provide the second, and a few may provide some of the third.

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Friendships in a foreign land: Part II

The Slog Years

This is a continuation of a post I made earlier. In this post I am going to give you some tips to make friends when moving to a new city or a new country. Some of you might think this is pretty lame coz you have to just go with the flow to make friends. But sometimes, it is not that simple, especially when you’re new to a place. Just like good relationships, building friendships take time. So here go some dos and don’ts and some tips to become comfortable in your new city.

  1. Be friendly with your new colleagues, even if they seem cold and distant. Be persistent in acknowledging them when they come in to work every day, even if, actually especially if they don’t acknowledge you.
  2. Sign up and participate in group activities in your office/department.
  3. Go to after-work or weekend social gatherings organized in your work…

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You Were Cool by the Mountain Goats

The Lightness of Human

This song is for all the good people I’ve met throughout my life who might have gotten – and perhaps are still getting – chipped away by life. Be it by strangers or by friends and family.

It matters to remember that sometimes those who corrode us do so involuntarily as an overreaction to their own fears and insecurities. We all want to feel safe. We all want to belong – we want to feel happy and loved. The ones who try to consume us are often no different. They simply, for whatever personal reason, don’t know how to express those wants without hurting their surroundings.

Remember that it gets better.

Life blossoms. Don’t forget that ❤

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The Power Of Three

Blogs By Alexis

Hello ladies,

Recently I came across a book that a coworker gave to me as a gift called A Love of My Own by E. Lynn Harris. Given the fact that I am incredibly busy I try to take time and read a book now and then. This blog is not going to be about the novel itself (which I highly recommend), but just something I picked up in the story.

So, while reading this book, I came across this idea or formula called “The Power of Three”. Sounds like a piggy-back title for The Three Musketeers right? Well, what it means is to pick three different men and together you’ll create the perfect man. We all know that good men can be hard to find, or lack something we want in a man. So, what if you could pick three men that each had different qualities that together made…

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A Family You Choose: 8 Traits Great Friends Possess


Hello, my friends!

I know I’ve been slacking. In truth, it’s been a nutzo week. And honestly, I don’t know how I managed to get this written for today. There’s a lot going on.

Anyway… Happy Thursday!

Over the past week(ish), I’ve been overwhelmingly blessed by friends coming into my life, or bonds being built on existing relationships. I’m seeing how important it is to have a team.

My team has been morphing and growing and solidifying and changing quite a bit this year. I’m finally feeling like that’s a good thing. My best friend, my person, is getting married on Saturday. She has a new best friend, and she deserves the happiness he brings her. She’ll need me less, now, and that scared me. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t have a support system (aside from the biologically built in one).

I can feel some other friends naturally…

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Launching your first book 

well the time is getting near now. Who on here is an author and became successful from both selling books and associated employment or consulting work opportunities arising from becoming a published author?

I should be excited but I am terrified. I’m told that with an engaged audience with a good product and at a reasonable price you can expect 30 to 35% of followers to become buyers. What is the experience of other authors on here. 

If I were to add up all followings from Twitter Instagram Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn and so on it would total 25k over a bit over six months. I grew these followings the slow way. Using hash tags primarily and retweets and reposts. I used no computer generated auto follow programs. I have made some close connections through this and have many people promoting me now. 

The ducks seem to be aligning yet I have nightmares of launching and going on Amazon and getting zero sales even after doing things like posting on every persons timeline that is a Facebook friend. Publicly posting on all Instagram followers public posts that the book is out (when if is). 

I almost feel like I need to be sedated or something on launch day. 

Are there feelings normal. There are a million books on Amazon and most fail miserably …