Bio: Finding True Friends just $1 via findingtruefriends.com.au see nickfounder.com How would I describe myself? I guess in Australian terminology I would say a regular Aussie bloke. I grew up in the inner north of Adelaide, South Australia to a Greek mother and Chinese father. I have one older brother and a younger half sister. My mum was born in northern Greece and dad is Hakka Chinese born in Malaysia. Generally people are unsure of my ethnicity they just say I look exotic. I went to Pulteney Grammar School http://www.pulteney.sa.edu.au/ I have had my fair share of difficulties in life and for those that follow @nickfounder none of this is secret. In fact it will all come to light in my second book GET TO BED - finding your life purpose after a tragedy. I was always interested in law from a young age and studied law and economics at Flinders University then the University of Adelaide. Later on I did a Master of Laws at Monash University. I worked in top law firms and government organisations as a commercial lawywer. I always enjoyed the writing component of law and the client contact the most. It was this that made me decide on a career change to become an author. The first thing I did was enrol in a Master of Arts (writing) at Swinburne University as I passionately believe in continuosly learning in whatever you do. Friendship and the principles around reciprocity have been an area of great interest for me for a long time. I decided to write about a topic I am passionate about for my first book. Nothing is fixed in life, not friendships, not relationships, not anything, but at the time of writing this I have 12 true friends and I thank God that they are a part of my life. They have been there through every struggle and every accomplishment. In turn I have been there for them. I hope by reading my book that friendships around the world can improve, perhaps romantic relationships too and I think reciprocity in business will be impacted in a positive way. I know in my heart that if I were to die tomorrow that I have impacted people in a positive way in writing FINDING TRUE FRIENDS - for Friendship to work you have to really want IN. Of course everyone has their doubters and haters, but I just want to live a comfortable life, to effect positive change on those in my immediate circle and then make a difference on a global scale. After Adelaide, I also lived in Perth and Canberra and Melbourne is now home.

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    1. nickfounder Post author

      Haha thanks yeah there are other lawyers like john Grisham that have done it. The writing skill is similar in that you also need to do a lot of research and reading for creative non fiction. nickfounder.com

  1. nickfounder Post author

    Author of FINDING TRUE FRIENDS for friendship to work you have to really want IN by InHouse Publishing on Amazon 1 Aug $2.99 US 2% rev➡️Aid for Africa

  2. nickfounder Post author

    Author of FINDING TRUE FRIENDS for friendship to work you have to really want IN by InHouse Publishing on Amazon 1 Aug just $3, 2% rev➡️Aid for Africa


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