Fragile Friendships

Grounded Gospel

Many people have trouble hanging on to long lasting and meaningful friendships where there is absolute trust and truth in the same friendship.  I’ve had my own challenges at times with being this kind of friend and finding this kind of friend.  As I’ve sat with the Lord in His Word and in a posture of prayer before Him more and more, I’ve been amazed by how safe I’ve felt in His presence, despite His holiness and worth.  His Word is full of terrifying realities about His wrath, His perfect character, and His worthiness for all creation’s praise.  However, there are also so many promises of His favor on the lives of those who trust in His sufficiency and particularly the sufficiency of Jesus’ death and life for us.  In this place of knowing His favor more and more intimately in a posture of prayer, I’m reminded that flavors of…

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