Another fans view of true friendship also to go in the book

A fan a now friend Susan McGregor in discussions with me expressed the view that a true friend is a union of reciprocal interaction consisting of honesty, loyalty, support, trust and mutual respect, entwined through effective communication. A true friendship is a priceless gift. True friends value one another and appreciate each other through being understanding and having some common interests/values. A true friend knows you deeply and what your values and beliefs are. Like all things, true friendships develop over time and require commitment and reciprocity. A true friend must be authentic. A true friend can be relied on and leaned upon, are a sounding board, and are a joy to be around. A true friend makes a positive difference in your life. They motivate and inspire and are overall positive. For friendship to work it is a commitment to yourself and each other.
A true friend brings wants and needs and for it to work you have to be in it, like an eternal flame to a candle, like waves to the ocean.
Like the start of all good intentions, a true friendship must possess the right attitude, be fun and simple, and not forced.

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