A week passes by so fast…

The Little Nerd in The Corner

It’s been a little over a week since we’ve arrived, and I already feel like we’ve done so much. Like in the previous post, a bunch of pictures have been included below. Please click for captions.

Work has been challenging, but amazing. A large part of the challenge is just understanding everyone; a lot of the other engineers speak very little English and I speak very little Mandarin, so there is a noticeable language barrier. What further complicates things is that I hear a lot of technical terms at work but don’t understand because that’s not the sort of thing Chinese school teaches middle school kids. 😛 I’ve been learning though, and creating my own personal dictionary helps me read documents about testing procedures and such. Being able to play with a few of the products has also been awesome (and the fact that there’s English helps!). I can’t wait…

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