Chapter one extract – a story of meeting a true friend randomly nick founder

Circumstance is where you just happen to meet someone suddenly and unexpectedly. You meet the person and you just connect not knowing much about each other.
For example, you could be lining up at a nightclub and start talking to someone. You may have lined up at a nightclub and spoken to hundreds of people in the past, maybe even added them to Facebook, yet never really connected. If you like there is some sort of unexplained chemistry. I met a true friend in this way. It was totally random and took place in Perth, Australia. Had there not been a concert on at the time there would have been no cause to line up outside of the club. I was standing outside by myself at the time as the friend I was travelling with was resting in the hotel. Admittedly I was drunk at the time. A major event had occurred on that day and I needed to let loose. I started to just spill my guts about everything that was on my mind to this person. Let’s call him Kaku. Now when you talk to a stranger you can tell straight away whether they are interested or not. When someone is not interested they sort of turn away and glare at you as if to say “please stop talking, you are bothering me.” But Kaku seemed fascinated in my stories and once we got into the club the music was disappointing. His friend was with him and eventually my friend Max showed up. In the end we ended up at a gay club in Perth, even though I was the only gay guy in the group. We had the time of our lives. Subsequent to that Kaku and myself were in immediate contact. The next time Kaku was in Melbourne we caught up. We learnt that not only did we like the same music, trance music, but we also had a similar educational background and similar business aspirations. It all started from a drunken night out to be honest and now he is a true friend. My other true friends are also accepting of Kaku and Kaku’s friends are accepting of me.
In my experience once you meet someone randomly through circumstance you later discover that you have other elements of foundation, namely – common personality, fund or common values.

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